Are you looking to buy land for sale in Brisbane? Completing an online hunt will probably bring a few possibilities, and that’s great. However, before you submit your bid, you should first consider some important issues with the help of Oxmar Properties.

Usage of the land

What you intend to use the property for must always be considered when reviewing properties for sale. Whilst most people use purchased land to build a house or locate a fabricated house, you may have different thoughts. Is the land going to be for recreational use or perhaps to start a business? This must be kept in mind to ensure you select the best property for your needs.

Considering what you will be using the land for is important as the land has an impact on some key issues. Apart from possibly having to install a well and septic tank (which can be exorbitant), is the land sturdy enough for home furnishing? Examining the property yourself will only give you so much insight so it is recommended that you contact an experienced manufacturer or surveyor.

Cost of the land for sale

After realizing what you want to do with the land for sale, it’s time to think about the cost of this long-term investment. The cost of the property itself is important, however, it is also imperative to consider the costs associated with what you intend to do with the property. If you do not have the budget for all the additional expenses that come with a land purchase, you may get a piece of land, but you will not be able to afford the house you intend to build.


When buying land, location is everything and land for sale Brisbane is one of the most promising markets in the country Although the amount of available land has reduced, there is still an ample selection of areas to pick from. While you are unlikely to have 50 options in your chosen area, you should make a choice between 5 and 10. Try not to make a purchase because it is the main asset that is accessible or within your spend limit. Get to know the area and ask yourself key questions such as do you want to be near the city? Near schools? Near public transport? Do you want to have easy access to shops, parks or the post office? These are all valuable questions that will assist you in choosing the right location.

The above tips and recommendations are a solid starting point to guide your purchasing of land. The location and costs associated with the land as well as your intended use for the property are all key factors that should be shaping your decision. As outlined above, Brisbane is a very promising area with a high potential for growth so follow these tips to find the best land for sale in Brisbane.